My first opportunity to take wedding photos has arrived! My two friends Jared and Amanda are getting married this September and I am taking some of their wedding photos. So I figured I’d blog about wedding photography, which is what I’ve been dying to get into.  I’ve heard wedding photography can be very difficult, but also very rewarding. Either way I’m up for the challenge!

There are several parts of wedding photography.  On the day, pictures of the bride and groom getting ready are taken and the photographer usually snags a few shots of the bride in her dress.  The photographer can also get photos of the bride with her bridesmaids, the groom and his groomsmen, and pictures of the dress, shoes, bouquet, and other details.  The more shots the photographer can check off the list before the ceremony the better.  Here are couple of pre-ceremony photos that I like:

from stylemepretty.com

Getting photos of the actual ceremony can be tricky.  I prefer outdoor ceremonies because the light is SO much better for photographs (unless it’s raining of course).  However, tons of ceremonies are in churches and reception halls where the light may not be good.  Some churches prefer photographers not to use flash.  It is important to have a camera lens that has a good enough aperture in order to let in the most light possible.  It is also important to have a tripod so that the photos are not blurry.  Having an assistant or another photographer is also a good idea because your might battery die or you might miss an important shot.

Everyone wants pictures of the bride walking down the aisle, the exchanging of vows, and the newly married couple:

from stylemepretty.com

from stylemepretty.com


After the ceremony photos of the wedding party and the newly weds usually take place.  These look like they can be a lot of fun.

from stylemepretty.com

from stylemepretty.com

It would be a good idea to get to the reception ahead of time to photograph the decor and all the details.  After looking at hundreds of examples of wedding photography, I’ve found that the photos are all about the details.  Brides spend hours and hours preparing every tiny detail of their day, and it is imporant as a photographer to capture those details.  I LOVE looking at some of these pictures:

Finally, there are usually many important traditions to photograph at the reception.  There’s the first dance, the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, and sometimes the couple wants random snapshots of the guests too.  Here’s a couple photos I enjoyed looking at:

from stylemepretty.com

As the day gets closer, I’m more and more excited to photograph Jared and Amanda’s wedding.  I’ll make sure to post photos after the big day!

*None of the photos in this post were taken by me.  Most of them were taken by amazing photographers that have been featured on the website stylemepretty.com


So I always wanted to go to a carnival and take pictures.  The perfect opportunity came up this weekend.  Every summer Omaha has a festival called the Taste of Omaha.  Basically tons of booths are set up downtown with different food vendors.  However, there is also a carnival.   Although my camera battery was dying right as it was getting dark and we didn’t bring the tripod with us, I was able to get a few really great shots.

Overview shot from Hearland of America Park

I got really lucky with the picture above.  The light was hitting the water perfectly at the right moment.  I spent a lot of time trying to get the composition right with the Ferris wheel and the waterfall.  The angle creates a better flow and makes the scene more interesting to look at.


This photo was probably my best of the day.  I saw the orange light against the blue sky and a creative light bulb went off in my head.  I knew exactly what I was going for and it worked.

Carnival Ride

This ride looked absolutely terrifying!  I decided I wanted to play with a bit of time exposure and it worked well for this picture.  It captures how crazy the ride is (and how crazy the people who go on it must be!)  I really like the sense of movement and the bright colors.

So I noted in a previous post how I want to have a sort of whimsical feel in my photography. I want it to be fun, lighthearted, and colorful. I decided to Google “Whimsical photography” and I found some great examples.

2011 Tricia McKellar Studio

I absolutely love the above image. It looks like they used some sort of Photoshop filter which I really like. I love the bright colors and I love how it combines graphic design and photography-two of my favorite things.  This summer I plan on attending Nebraska’s Balloon and Wine Festival.  Maybe I’ll have a chance to get some good shots of the balloons for myself.


Hmmm…here I am again with the balloon theme.  I guess I think that balloons are a very whimsical object.  I love the use of color in this picture.  The photographer used color to draw attention to the focus of the photo.

Dana & Jeremy Photography

Whenever I see pin wheels I think of my grandmother’s house.  I remember when I was a little kid she a homemade pin wheel in the room I stayed in when I came to visit.  This photo was found on a wedding blog.  It seems that pin wheels are pretty popular for weddings, especially for a more whimsical theme.  Although the photo is a bit too bright, I love how cheerful it is.


I love the engagement session above.  This couple had a cute sort of tea party set up in this field. I also love the simplicity of the shoe photo.

I love this photo of the little girl.  Her parents definitely chose the perfect outfit for her to wear for her session.  Not only do I adore the red coat and the frilly skirt, but I love the expression on her face.

My friends Amanda and Jared are getting married in September. They asked me and Tyler to help them make a Save the Date video that they could send to their friends and family. We said yes even though we don’t have much video experience and it ended up being a great time and we got some adorable footage.  I also took some cute photos throughout the day. Here are a few of my favorites:

I think I have figured out what sort of style I want my photography to be. The best word to describe it is whimsical. I want it to be cute, fun, and a little different. Taking little moments in life and making them look beautiful through photography.

I’ve been trying to play around with names for my business. I’ve thought of “Whimsical Dreams” and “Blue Dragonfly Studio,” but I’m still thinking. If anyone has any ideas let me know. I want my graphic design to reflect this style as well. If anyone would like a very affordable photo shoot, please let me know. I need to practice, practice, practice this spring/summer!


Hello everyone!

I am currently doing a lot of thinking about my photography business, my goals, and my future.  I am thinking about completely starting my business over from scratch. That would mean a new fresher looking website, a new approach to my photography, and possibly a new name for my business.  I want to find a style that reflects my personality.  Something that has to do with taking the simple things in life and finding the beauty in them.  I’m not quite sure what that is yet. 

I am also doing a lot of reflecting about what I want my life to be after college.  I am trying to choose between A) Going straight into the work force doing graphic design or B) Attending graduate school and pursuing a masters.  In regards to pursuing a masters I am trying to decide between 3 different areas of study: Art Education, Graphic Design, or of course Photography.  Weighing the pros and cons I know for certain that big exciting changes are on the way.

Happy Holidays everyone! Although this blog was originally made for my Mass Communications class, and I am finished with the course (I got an A!), I will continue to keep this blog up.  I have enjoyed having a blog this past semester and it’s been fun writing about photography.

I am enjoying my winter break.  I have spent it scrapbooking, baking lots of cookies, hanging out with family, and painting my brother’s room with him.  We painted it a nice blue color and it is a huge improvement from the ugly duck wallpaper that was on the walls when we moved into this house.  There isn’t much news with my photography business right now, but I will keep you updated.  Have a great holidays and a happy new year!